Island Welcome


Eight Australian contemporary jewellers make a welcome garland in response to current Australian immigration and refugee policy. 

Artists: Jane Bowden, Michelle Cangiano, Jess Dare, Nicky Hepburn, Kath Inglis, Vicki Mason, Belinda Newick and Lauren Simeoni.

I am proud to be a part of this thought provoking exhibition, instigated and curated by Belinda Newick. The exhibition will be open from 26th August to 3rd of September at Brunswick Art Space as part of Radiant Pavillion.

Please check out the website to learn more about this exhibition and details about each garland.

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2016 a Year of International Exhibitions...

December - Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Netherlands


September - ATTA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


May - San W Gallery, Shanghai, China


March - The National, Christcurch, New Zealand

Theatre of Detail NZ.jpg

March- ATTA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Off the wall exibition.jpg

February - Munich, Germany